New KMS Dress Code Policy for 2012-13 School year…

KMS has aligned its dress code policy and starting the first official school day of classes in the fall 2012, the following guidelines will go into effect immediately:


Students MAY NOT wear:


1.  Any shirt or top that does not fully cover a student’s midriff and underarm area including see-through blouses, sleeveless shirts, bare midriffs and bare shoulders (All shirts must have sleeves).


2.  Excessively torn clothing which reveals undergarments are considered inappropriate.


3.  HATS, COATS, AND OTHER OUTDOOR CLOTHING must be in lockers during entire school day.


4.   Clothing that depicts sexually oriented illustrations, slogans and/or profanity.  (This includes Co-ed Naked and Big Johnson clothing).


5.  Clothing that advertises tobacco products, illegal drugs, or alcoholic beverages.


6.  Clothing that is a source of disrespect towards others.


7.  Excessively tight or loose clothes without appropriate covering.  Tights and leggings must have a covering of fingertip length.  Pajamas and pajama pants are unacceptable attire for school wear.


8.  Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses or slits must be at least fingertip length.


9.  Pants, shorts, etc. worn in a manner whereby the undergarments are not fully covered.


10.  Hair coloring that is not natural; (ie.. blue, pink, green, orange etc… and hair styles that are extreme and/or distracting).


11.  Chains worn with wallets or as jewelry that could be used as a weapon.


12.  Hats, scarves, bandanas (no headgear including hoodies) are to be worn in the building.


In questionable situations, the administration will determine the appropriateness of student(s) dress.


Copies outlining the changes will be mailed out inside the  2012-13 school year “Welcoming Packets” in July. 

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