Ms. Smythe by Cheyanne Vansky

 Ms. Smythe is a new vice principal this year at KMS.  Her favorite subject was history, she liked school, and went to Orrville high school. She also went to West Virginia Wesleyan College and the University of Cincinnati. Ms. Smythe likes to bake, and her favorite color is purple. Even her first car was purple!

Before working at KMS,  she had a job as a coach and a teacher for 6th-12th grade. She coached volleyball, basketball, and softball. She taught math, science, and social studies. She liked her job as a coach and a, but she still likes working here at KMS.  Ms. Smythe says, ” I like working here because I think that everyone here is very nice.

I think you all should get to know her, because I found out that she’s just so awesome. If you get a chance to just talk to her and get to know her, then  do it. She’s a great person I’m sure that if everyone in the school got to really know her,  she will have a ton of friends. I mean I just barely scratched the surface of knowing her and I already think she’s awesome!

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