KMS Dress Code

1. Any shirt or top that does not fully cover a student’s midriff and underarm area, see-through blouses, sleeveless shirts, bare midriffs and bare shoulders are inappropriate. (All shirts must have sleeves).
2. Excessively torn clothing is inappropriate.
3. HATS, COATS, AND OTHER OUTDOOR CLOTHING must be in lockers during the school day.
4. Clothing that depicts sexually oriented illustrations, slogans and/or profanity is inappropriate. This includes Co-ed Naked and Big Johnson clothing.
5. Clothing that advertises tobacco products, illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages is inappropriate.
6. Clothing that is a source of disrespect toward others is inappropriate.
7. Excessively tight or loose clothes without additional covering are inappropriate. If undergarments are visible or the outline is visible through clothes, the clothes are too tight and violate the dress code. Pajamas and pajama pants are unacceptable school attire.
8. Shorts, skirts, skorts and dresses or slits must be at least fingertip length when arms are completely extended.
9. Pants, shorts, etc. worn in a matter that undergarments are not fully covered are inappropriate.
10. Hair coloring that is not natural; blue, pink, green, etc., and hairstyles that are extreme and/or distracting are inappropriate.
11. Contacts which alter the student’s eyes from a natural color or make the student’s eyes appear unnatural.
12. Chains worn with wallets or as jewelry that could be used as a weapon are inappropriate.
13. Hats, scarves, bandanas (no headgear including hoodies) are to be worn in the building.
14. In questionable situations, the administration will determine the appropriateness of student dress.

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